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Quick Tips

Q I have the cards, uncoiled paper and the picture of Erik. What next?
A Did you pick up the birdseeds one screen south to the gardener?
Q How can I get into the garage?
A You can enter the garage from a passage from inside the south of the house, along the building’s outer southern wall.
Q Where is the Amethyst key?
A Did you give Nathan the cocktail umbrella? Has he mentioned his office in the conversation? Did you visit his office inside the house? Did you check his computer? If so, walk to the screen just north of the kitchen, and check the western room in that screen. There is a smaller room in it, and the Amethyst key is in that room.
Q How Do I enter the room just south to the library inside the mansion?
A Look closely on the books inside the library. Seen anything out of the ordinary?
Q What do I give the mechanic?
A Did you find the wrench on the garage floor? Look for it on a grey background.
Q Am I missing a switch?
A Did you flip the switch in the guard tower, one screen north to the most south-eastern screen of the game?
Q I’m stuck! I have the Cards, Bible and Pipe Cleaner! I have 2 keys, and I can’ t find the Turquoise key! What next?
A Remember the room accessible from the bathroom at the lobby, that needs the first 2 keys? If you’ve flipped all available switches on the grounds accessible to you, then you could enter it now. After being there, check out the Labyrinth!


The Complete Cult II: Federal Crime Q&A
By Jessica Lauren Neiweem

This is the full Q&A section for Cult II: FC, for you to enjoy! A hint is added after every question. Try to solve it using the hint before reading the full answer.

Q I’m at the very beginning of a new game. I talked with the doorman, but I can’t get into Mr. Perry’s party!
HINT What is the doorman asking for? Maybe you should give it to him.
A Cult II: Federal Crime is a little fancier than its predecessor. If you wish to talk with a character about an item in your inventory, or to give them an item, you must first highlight that item. Do so by moving the yellow outline around your desired object (hit Page Down to move the yellow outline right, End to move it to the left). Then, use Ctrl instead of Space Bar to talk with a character regarding the highlighted item. So- highlight your invitation, hit Ctrl instead of Space Bar when you talk with the doorman, and hey! You’re in!

Q I just talked with someone named Valerie, and she seems a little… perturbed. How can I calm her down?
HINT Note Zack’s final thought: “Darn… how do you respond to something like that?” What from your inventory might give her something to do, as well as let Zack continue the conversation without fearing for his life?
A Hand her the stick of gum you find outside, along the western garden wall, three screens down. Val will chill out and give Zack her phone number. (This won’t amuse Heather, however :c )

Q I’ve got Valerie’s phone number, and I have no idea what to do with it.
HINT What kind of partygoer might be looking for the number of a single woman? Have you met anyone that comes to mind?
A Go to the bottom party screen, all the way against the bottom wall. You’ll find Luke, a lonely single guy. Give him her number. He’ll give you a rose “to give to your sweetheart”.

Q There’s some lonely guy named Joseph Hudson sitting out front. What’s he there for?
HINT What might relax a nervous person? Do you have anything in your inventory that might help? What about things you can find at the party?
A There’s a brunette waitress in the bottom screen of the party. Go “talk” with her- Zack will take a brandy from her tray. Give Hudson the brandy. He’ll give you a file of papers and his company card.

Q I’ve talked with Jake Sing and I don’t know what to do for him.
HINT What in your inventory might expedite his search for “connections”?
A Give Sing Hudson’s business card. He’ll be delighted and give you an MIT t-shirt (hey, it’s something)!

Q I’ve talked with Jane Barnes, but I can’t think of how to get her into the party.
HINT What do you have in your inventory that might connect her with someone already inside the party?
A Give her Sing’s MIT t-shirt. She won’t be amused, but she’ll take it anyway. Take her camera. Laugh at the dialogue between Zack and the Chief. :c )

Q Kate Kompton-Hudson: what am I supposed to do for her?
HINT What have you received already that connects to her?
A Give her the sheaf of papers from her husband. She’ll be pretty ticked, but she’ll give you her card all the same.

Q What should I do for Sandra Thompson?
HINT Important women… hmm… what d’you have from an important woman…?
A: Give her Kate Kompton-Hudson’s card. Now you can get through the first set of doors leading to the bathroom- woohoo!

Q I’m lost on what to do for Irene Jamiesson. Help?
HINT She looks kind of swanky. What might a rich woman wear… or lose?
A Give her the earring you found outside, one screen north and one east of the gum. She’ll sweet-talk the guard, and you’ll be free to get into the bathroom.

Q How can I help Mike by the piano?
HINT He wants to impress a girl… what’ve you got?
A Give Mike the rose you got from Luke. He’ll be happy, and (magically!) open the doors to the kitchen for you.

Q There’s a waitress on the side party screen that wants me to get milk from the kitchen, but the kitchen is shut!
HINT Where’s Mike when you need him…?
A Get Mike by the piano to open the doors for you (see instructions above).

Q What does Rebecca by the piano want?
HINT If you were stuck in one place for a long time, and couldn’t get anything for yourself, what would you do if you got thirsty? Or hungry?
A Give her the granola bar you got from the waitress. She’ll give you a jar of moisturizer (maybe you’re looking scaly) for your kindness.

Q Erik in the corner of the side room wants an ID card…?
HINT What do you need to make an ID card? Can you produce some part of an ID card with what you’ve got in your inventory?
A Use the camera to take his picture. You lose the camera, but gain his picture.

Q Kim in the bathroom… what’s the story?
HINT Her friend in the stall needs some sort of cosmetic product… what’ve you got?
A Give Kim the moisturizer you got from Rebecca. Then, you’ll get a deck of cards from her.

Q Howard Cohen gave me his term paper. What do I do with it?
HINT Hmm… Lee Blum is not a cruel man, so there’s probably a) a binding machine and b) Howard’s professor around here somewhere…
A From the kitchen, go north, east, south. The binding machine is in the room in the northwest corner of the screen. The professor is in the top party room, bottom left (you get a pipe cleaner from him. Score)!

Q I can’t get the cook to talk with me. What’s up?
A This is a mystery of the ages. I haven’t gotten the cook to talk, either, so if you can then please let me know how!
Well, the cook, as well as Kelly, the lamination machine and some other characters in the game, are distractions, and practically useless to the player’s progress in the game (don’t be mad :) )

Q I’m looking at two blue birds in the furthest screen south, with the mansion wall on the east side, outside. Is that a dust cloud by them?
HINT Probably not. Go check it out.
A That’s birdseed. Don’t be silly like me and miss it for a week or so. Go pick it up, and then start thinking about who you’ve already met that might benefit from birdseed.

Q Matt and Rhonda outside are a cute couple, but what are they there for?
HINT They’re by birds…what have you got that might help with that…?
A Hand them the birdseed. They’ll be pleased, and give you a cocktail umbrella (don’t scoff! Those things are fun)!

Q Nathan West wants me to have a drink, and bring him proof of it, but the Chief won’t let me have a drink!
HINT Never fear- you have an item in your inventory that can help. (Or, you can get one!)
A Give Nathan the cocktail umbrella you got from the smoochers outside. It’ll placate him.

Q I’ve gained access to a long, narrow room off of the kitchen, but there’s nothing in it!
HINT Oh yes there is! Look closer.
A Okay, here: go check out the computer. It’ll set off a set of dialogue that’s chock full of clever bits of anagram. Then you’ll talk with the Chief and Heather. Ah! The drama!

Q What’s the story on Jenna, in the room with all the benches and the film storeroom behind it?
HINT She’s lonely… maybe Zack can play Cupid again…
A Hand her the photo you took of the lovely Erik. She’ll write a love poem for him and give it to you.

Q I talked with the maid (Regina) in Yan’s room, but she was cranky. What can I do?
HINT If you were a maid, what might you need to clean with?
A Give her the rag you found on the floor in a room to the west of Yan’s. (Sorry for the lack of detail… but I never claimed this was a walkthrough, right? :c )

Q I went up to Deb’s room, like Regina told me to do, but the maid there can’t think of anything for me to do.
HINT Maybe there’s something of the children’s that needs putting away…
A Give Deb the music that Michelle gave you earlier. Then be happy when she opens the west doors for you. Finally, laugh when Zack takes a foray into the poetic with a rather banal analogy *grin*.

Q I’m talking with the Nanny, but she just wants me to get out of her way so she can watch T.V.
HINT Back in the cavemen days, before the advent of television, how might a bored person have spent their time? Do you have something in your inventory that fits the bill?
A Hello! People used to READ, my dear- maybe you should spend less time with Cult II and more time at the library! Just kidding. Hand the Nanny the torrid romance novel you picked up earlier. This should help you get to the guest room.

Q ARG! I’m looking EVERYwhere for the orange key, but it’s just not anywhere!
HINT Let’s face it, the keys are harder to find than anything else in this game. If you wanted to hide an orange key, what sort of background might you put it on?
A Look for the orange key on the orange background in the lower right hand corner, a few screens south of the garage. (Orange key, orange background- easier than you’d thought, eh?)

Q Okay, smartmouth, I found the screen where the orange key is. But what’s that bright green thingy in the upper right hand corner?
HINT Only one way to find out…
A It’s a militia uniform, specially ordered by your favorite antagonist, Nathan West. Get the ID card out of it and hop on over to the gray box, lower left.

Q I’m using the gray box (alias “transmitter”), but nothing’s happening.
HINT What do you have in your inventory that might help you validate yourself on this militia radio?
A Use the card you just picked up to confirm “your” identity and get some doors open.

Q I’m talking with a guard south of the mansion, but he keeps telling me to go away!
HINT This dude has been out here for who knows how long. He’s bored. Needs something to do. Sound familiar? (Please say yes.) Know what to offer him now? (Please say yes!)
A Aw, you said no. Okay then, offer him the book (“Big Brother and I”) you found earlier as reading material. He’ll get you into the “Group Library” (I dunno about you, but I’m suspicious).

Q Yan, Nathan’s son, seems like a pretty nice guy. But he lost his slingshot! Can I help him?
HINT *patiently* Yeeeees… seeing as you should *have* his slingshot…
A If you didn’t pick up his slingshot from his room, this would probably be a good time to consider doing so. Then give him the slingshot. There ya go!

Q I just talked with the lovesick little guy one screen west of Yan. What can I do for him?
HINT Hmm, maybe something in your inventory is lovey-dovey enough to soothe his soul…
A Give him the love poem, he’ll give you the yo-yo. The barter system at its finest.

Q I just picked up a pine scented air freshener from the little room in the kitchen. (It looks purple onscreen, and is rather difficult to see.) What do I do with it?
HINT Have you run into anyone that smells like something gross? Like… cigarette smoke?
A Go to the northwest corner of the westernmost chunk of lawn and offer it to the smoking dudes. They’ll give you a disposable lighter (oooh… fiiiire…)

Q I’ve got a blue towel from the bathroom in the house. What gives?
HINT Did you meet someone who might want a towel?
A Try the guy who’s stuck in the pool. He’ll let you into the men’s locker room, which will let you get to the soap.

Q Yay for soap, but I don’t know what to do with it!
HINT Soap makes things slippery. When things are slippery, they won’t get stuck on you. So if something’s stuck on you…
A Go help the young girl you met earlier with the ring stuck on her finger (if you haven’t met her yet, she’s outside to the north of the “servant’s quarters”…) She’ll give you her ring.

Q Lovely as her ring is, I don’t get why I have it.
HINT Hmm… maybe you’ve met someone with a young daughter who might like it…
A Hand it to the gardener. I get the impression that the girl whose finger you removed it from is his daughter anyway, but if you want to finish the game then hand it over!

Q Back to that disposable lighter I got before. Why’s it in my inventory, other than to collect dust?
HINT Okay, this is a stretch, BUT… if you were a guard… and you needed to make a smoke signal…
A Go talk with the guard who’s against the far east wall, with a wall of bushes to his south. Give him the lighter and he’ll let you into one set of doors of the labyrinth.

Q Having the yo-yo in my inventory is awkening my inner child, but I don’t see how that helps me beat the game.
HINT Kids like yo-yos. Know any kids?
A Once you’ve freed Ryan from his shrubbery prison (no, I’m not telling you which buttons do this, probably because I’m not sure ;c ), give him the yo-yo. He’ll grant you access to the “mucanyc” fixing the train. (The easiest way to get there is to go to the pool from Ryan, then use the side exit and head east for a while, then north.)

Q Help me out with the wrench.
HINT Who needs a wrench? Maybe… a mucanyc?
A Go give the wrench to the mechanic who’s working on the train. It’ll help him out, plus he’ll tell you where to find Nathan. (Nathan’s labryinth is a few screens to the south.)

Q I’ve got a magnetic card that doesn’t seem to do anything…?
HINT There’s probably a magnetic card reader here *some*where… maybe it’s been tucked away inside, far out of sight…
A Open the door to a whole new area of the house from the blue hallway above the bathroom. This is called the “Academy”. You can access it from a door on the south end of the house. Then go in there, walk past two rooms that you can’t yet do anything in, and take the orange hallway to a room with two buttons and a magnetic card reader. Bingo!

Q What’s the reel of film for?
HINT There’s probably a film reel player around here, too. Perhaps it’s by the magnetic card reader that you had such trouble finding.
A In a room south of the magnetic-card reader, you’ll find the film player in the lower left hand corner. Insert film. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Not because of Nathan. Be afraid because Zack is such a pipsqueak ;c )

Q Okay, I’ve gotten a lot of weird items in the Cult series, but this one takes the cake. What the blazes do I do with this pipe cleaner?!
HINT Alright, get creative here. If you were REALLY REALLY lonely, and REALLY REALLY desperate to receive something from someone, maybe you’d take something REALLY REALLY lame like a pipe cleaner. Now who’ve you met that’s moping and being depressed about life?
A Give West’s father (southeast of the church) the pipe cleaner. Hey, at least he’ll help you get into the church.

Q The Holy Bible’s great and all, but I haven’t the slightest idea what to do with it.
HINT A good Christian lady out in her garden, lamenting for her lost Bible…
A Give the Bible to Mrs. West. It’ll help you get into the church.

Q Who needs the cards?
HINT You’re looking for somebody bored, who is maybe on break and doesn’t have anything to do… maybe they’re sitting in a room, alone, bored… no one else in sight except our beloved Zack Bon…
A Hand the deck of cards to the man sitting in the servant’s quarters. It’ll let you into the break room.

Now get all the buttons and book it on down to the church! Then get to the room in the southeast corner (y’know, the one that’s HEAVILY guarded) and watch the action unfold. Yay Zack! Mission accomplished!

Cult II: Federal Crime Complete Game Map

Have you totally given up? Click Here for a full Cult II map, made by Sergio Minola!
Warning: This map may be a spoiler. Use it only if you have totally given up!

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